Hello, If you guys like store Victorias Secret as me, and love workout pants then maybe you will be interetsted in the deal that is going on right now in the store till may 14th.
When you buy a victoria secret sport bra – even for 15$ and workout pants- knockout by VS, then they are only for 35$ when normally are for almoust 70$.
Workout pants from VS are really nice leggins, they are thick. You can choose length and also how high they will be on belly- middle. low or highwaisted.
I already have few leggins from them, and really like them. They only say that you can return order for free if you dont like.
To buy cheaper leggins you have to put code 35SPORT, also you put code LOVEBRAS and u get free shipping for the order coz its free shipping with a bra.If you have sexy little reward card- then you can use it too.
Which leggins you would buy? Which sport bra you would love to have?
Let me know in comments!!!







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