Hello, Today I present the place for the summer which is the beach. That is my ideal place where to spend nice summer day. Even if its not so sunny weather like today it is still perfect place for me to rest and get energy back. Sounds of waves, fresh breeze from the ocean that have specific scent, sounds of hungry seagulls that’s all bring only one thought to my mind- PEACE AND RELAX.
It is even better when its not so crowded as then is more relaxed and chilled. For the beach I like to wear hat that will cover my head from the sun rays. Some flowy skirt and thin t-shirt. I am wearing bikini underneath too but it was too cold to swim.
It is nice to have some shoes that are able to get dirty from sand and get wet- I have crocs balerinas that are made from rubber.
Where do you like to rest and relax in the summer? What outfit do you like to wear ?
I am wearing:
Shirt/ H&M
Skirt/ H&M
Hat/Dollar Tree
Shoes/ Crocs
Swimsuit/ Victoria’s Secret
















































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